With the world beginning to move again, travel looks completely different now, and AT&T is helping it take flight. We’re working diligently to answer burning questions for every traveler, airline, and airport for the new travel experience: How do passengers want to travel now? How can airlines and airports transform to meet what passengers want? AT&T is kicking off a new program with Economist Impact to dive into these issues.

Together AT&T and Economist Impact are exploring how connected technology can help streamline, enhance, and improve travel experiences – you can check out some interesting stats in our first piece of content produced by EI Studios here. Our latest research analyzed how airports are using connected technologies to stay on schedule, ease passenger check-in, reduce lost baggage, increase security, and more.

As people are beginning to travel more, these topics are top of mind for us at AT&T. We’ve already been helping airlines and airports redefine what it means to travel in 2022 – making travel new again for the businesses and the passengers that make it so special.

  • We’re helping airports add technologies that are making airport security faster and more effective. Imagine an airport using biometrics to verify a passenger’s identity, making security a breeze.
  • Gate agents at airports can use the latest devices and our blazing-fast 5G network to take customer service to the next level – and take it on the move. Imagine no more, “Mr. Smith, please check in at the gate desk.” The agents can now come straight to the passenger, wherever they are in the airport, with a mobile device that has all the info that would be at the computer.
  • With data and mobility, we’re making it easier to keep track of traveler benefits. Imagine gate agents using smartphones, tablets and data to know exactly what upgrades passengers prefer, like in-flight Wi-Fi or what drinks they like, and have them ready without the passenger even needing to ask.
  • With our 5G network, travelers can get entertainment without waiting, and make the most of their down time before, during and after boarding. Imagine having a full 4K movie downloading on a device between security and the gate.

And it’s no secret that the world is more mobile than ever before, so connectivity across the entire journey matters. Imagine all of this being powered by your devices, and the best 5G networks in the country. From home to destination, we aim for our connectivity solutions to be there every step of the way. In fact, we’ve already deployed our connectivity solutions at 9 airports nationwide, and plan to be in 20 by the end of the year.

We’ve been imagining the future of travel for years. Now, by working with Economist Impact, we’re researching the evolving needs of airport and airline customers so we can help airports and airlines exceed the expectations of travelers. We’re looking forward to sharing more soon, and turning “imagine if…” into “isn’t that cool?”