One of the most digitally charged Mondays of the year is approaching – Cyber Monday. It’s a big day in my family. I usually take the opportunity to check out any new gadgets for running. And my daughter can be found on the couch browsing for hours.

Online shoppers – wearing pajamas and armed with coffee cups and freshly charged mobile devices – will jump online to take advantage of early holiday sales.

But will retailers be ready?

Season’s Greetings, ONAP “Amsterdam”

By this time next week, countless coupon codes, gift card purchases and flash sale notifications will make their way across the network, generating higher volumes of data traffic for the network to bear.

In the past, we’ve relied on hardware – routers, switches and other physical network gear – to keep our network running. But in this age of streaming video, on-demand services and emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence and augmented reality, our network has to be nimble and flexible enough to make room for demand.

Today, the Open Network Automation Platform Project, ONAP Project for short, released ONAP “Amsterdam.” This major software update introduces a unified architecture for closed-loop network automation.

“Closing the loop” is a technique that analyzes network data to identify opportunities to improve service quality instantly and take action. In other words, it unlocks the key that will change the way you Cyber Monday in years to come.

The ONAP “Amsterdam” release shifts the way operators and vendors work together. We can now combine our expertise to offer you a seamless online experience. Imagine no more lag time, no more spinning wheels, no more being kicked off websites unexpectedly. And with 57 ONAP members onboard representing more than 55% of global mobile subscribers, this seamless experience is on its way faster than you think. 

Want to know more? Read this to see where our journey with ONAP started. 

Mazin Gilbert - Vice President of Advanced Technology at AT&T Labs

Mazin Gilbert
Mazin Gilbert Vice President of Advanced Technology & Systems at AT&T Labs