What do trash bins, wheelchairs, pallets, charging stations, coolers, and luggage all have in common?

They’re all part of the growing world of “things” we’re making smarter at the IoT (Internet of Things) AT&T Foundry to help make your life more convenient and productive.

We take everyday devices or objects and equip these “things” with sensors.

Think of sensors as the eyes and ears of a connected object. They can track temperature, vibration, movement and even location. They communicate with each other and the user. The sensors also communicate back to the internet.

For example, in 2015, our team collaborated with travel and lifestyle accessory brand TUMI to develop the original concept for the TUMI Global Locator. The prototype offered near real-time wireless luggage location tracking services that were compliant with all applicable government and industry standards.

The teamwork paid off. Following a close collaboration with AT&T and LugTrack, TUMI commercially launched the “TUMI Global Locator” this week.  

The new wireless tracking device provides travelers with near real-time data on the location of their luggage. It’s designed to track various types of travel bags virtually anywhere you go, so even if your bag gets misdirected when you’re on the go, it helps minimize the chance that it becomes lost.   

Thanks to those eyes and ears, your next trip may be just a little less stressful. 

An IoT world is ripe with endless possibilities of connected “things.” 

Craig Lee - Director, AT&T Foundry, Internet of Things (IoT)

Craig Lee
Craig Lee Director, AT&T Foundry, Internet of Things (IoT)