It’s graduation season, and we’re celebrating some of the latest grads from the Georgia Tech program, who earned a Master of Computer Science degree.  We’re working with Georgia Tech in our Workforce Reskilling program.

Several of these initiatives, including the Georgia Tech program, are supported through AT&T Aspire, our ongoing commitment to prepare learners for success in school and the 21st Century workforce. We’re using the power of our network to build a better tomorrow. We’re using innovative solutions to widen, develop and diversify the talent pipeline to address the shortage of current and future technology experts.

This program helps employees learn the skills they need to shift us to a software-centric company by 2020. This isn’t easy but necessary with where this company is going. These folks are inspiring their colleagues, family and friends in what they’ve undertaken in previous months. So, without further ado, let’s meet the grads!

Eugen Istoc

Software Engineer


I’ve always enjoyed figuring out how things work.  As a software engineer, I build the visual aspects of apps and interfaces.  In other words, I design how people use them. 

I initially enrolled in an on-campus master’s program at Georgia Tech, but transferred to the online program when it became an option.  It was much more convenient, since I could also continue working.  Being in Atlanta is great. Several others here are also going through the program, so we’ll meet up to study and support each other.  

Along with my master’s in computer science, I specialized in interactive intelligence.  It’s exciting for me to take what I’ve learned and apply it to my current job.  I get to create new ways to organize software architecture and solve problems. 

I highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to get ahead in their career.  It takes a lot of dedication, but it’s worth it.  I still keep in touch with my colleagues from the program and also mentor those who are going through it. 

Nathaniel Meyer

Data Scientist


I didn’t follow the traditional post-high school route.

Instead, at 19, I started working at AT&T as a technician for a network monitoring center in Charlotte, N.C.  It was a good job, but it was quickly becoming outdated as hardware moved to software.  You have to keep up with the times, or get left behind. 

I enrolled at a local university to get my bachelor’s in math for business.  Just as I was finishing up, the Georgia Tech master’s program became available.  It was perfect timing. 

The online format is great.  I could study on my own time and still work. After graduating, I faced some challenges getting in the door for interviews.  

Eventually, I landed my dream job as a data scientist in Plano.  I truly believe I got more out of the program than most because it was something I wanted to do.

Here’s my advice to those considering the program:  Know it’s not easy, but take the chance to invest in yourself. 


Cheryl Miller

Principle Technical Architect

St. Louis Area

I think technology is fascinating.  It’s constantly changing and there’s always something new to learn.  I earned a bachelor’s in computer science and wanted to get my master’s, but between working and raising a family, I didn’t have time. 

When I heard about the Georgia Tech program, I jumped at the chance to enroll.  At first, the classes were really tough.  A lot has changed since I was in college 30 years ago!  I took some of the refresher courses to get up to speed. And the support from students all over the country was incredible.  We formed online study groups to go through homework and prepare for tests.  

I specialized in machine learning and plan on getting a job as a data scientist.  My actions even influenced my son to go back to college, which is great. 

Overall, the experience was very rewarding and to people considering the program, I say go for it. It’s never too late to go after your goals.