My Path to AT&T

I often think about the legacy I hope to leave behind; one where my career journey creates an easier path for the next generation of women, including my two daughters. I never imagined that my career path would be in technology. Though my parents instilled a sense of importance for advanced education, a focus on STEM was not something they emphasized. Their mantra was “Work hard, keep your head up, and don’t ever sit at the back of a room.”

This created in me a deep, burning desire to achieve and make a difference. However, I quickly realized that my desires were not going to be accomplished by following a comfortable path. I got an accounting degree, followed by an MBA, and then started a technical boot camp at Accenture after graduate school. Little did I know then, I’d spend my entire career breaking barriers in a male-dominated field. After a 12-year career at Accenture, I accepted a job at AT&T as a director. Fourteen years later, I’m now the company’s Chief Customer Officer.

My philosophy is to look beyond where I am today and imagine what challenges or learning experiences may come. When faced with adversity, my goal to become the best version of myself keeps me motivated.

Providing Opportunities for Women

AT&T is working to create a world where balance is attainable for all women, and we make investments that provide a path for women to be the best versions of themselves at every stage of their education or career.

Inside AT&T, we are consistently working to uplift others and are focused on advancing women’s careers and strengthening their skills through our hiring practices and career growth opportunities. As of 2020, AT&T had almost 10% more women in management roles compared to other Telecom/IT companies, according to the Women in the Workplace 2020 Report. By focusing on strengthening the talent entry points, AT&T positions women as leaders in their communities and industries, providing a path for future generations of women and girls to follow.

We are also proud to join the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) via AT&T’s Connected Learning Program to embed intensive digital coaching and technology resources in family-serving community-based organizations around the nation. This two-year collaboration will support families most impacted by the digital divide, particularly women of color and their children.

Breaking Barriers and Stigmas

My story as a woman in a male-dominated industry is just one of many, each faced with different challenges, misconceptions, and barrier breaking achievements. But it is also one with male mentors and sponsors who have been an important part of my journey.  And most importantly, it is about having other women propel me up – leaders like Lori Lee, CEO of AT&T Latin America and GMO, and NASDAQ CEO Adena T. Friedman.

I’m honored to amplify the many female voices at AT&T who are promoting diversity and inspiring others to charter new paths and create their own legacies. Hear more about our women employees working in the field as they share their experiences with us and show that these jobs are not just “a guy thing.” I hope it will inspire you to break some barriers in your life and those of the women around you: