A recent Pew Research Center survey found that the lack of opportunity and advancement was one of the top reasons (63%) why a majority of workers quit in 2021. In today’s transitioning job market, employees and job seekers are looking for more than just a steady paycheck. They are rethinking what it means to have a sustaining, fulfilling career following the height of the pandemic. In order to attract and retain high-performing talent, corporations must recruit differently and make growth and development opportunities easily available to employees from hire to retire.

My friend and peer Shannon Brown is a prime example of how growth and development opportunities can impact the trajectory of one’s career. His journey with FedEx started over 40 years ago as a package handler in Memphis. From the start, Shannon focused on growing his career at FedEx with his sights set on the C-suite.  Through determination, a strong work ethic and his mentality to “go where the fight is,” Shannon created his own career path. He now serves as the Senior Vice President of Eastern Division U.S. Operations and Chief Diversity Officer at FedEx Express, the world’s largest express transportation company. With a wealth of experience and knowledge under his belt, Shannon is also an advocate and mentor to others with similar aspirations by providing advice along their career journeys. In both our roles, Shannon and I work across our companies to create pathways to long-term careers are accessible to all, especially to those who have been historically underrepresented.

In this episode of Conversations with Corey, I spoke with Shannon about his journey to the C-suite and how growth and development resources influenced his career. He also provided his unique and valuable perspective on how the corporate landscape at large can increase representation through collaborations with Historically Black Colleges & Universities and early exposure to training for frontline workers. I am especially excited for you to hear his advice on how to go where the action is and create the most impact throughout your career.

As we continue to navigate the current labor market, how business leaders approach talent growth will continue to be a key differentiator in employee decision making. Investing the time and resources into the current workforce will not only make corporations competitive, but also help grow the leaders of the future. Thank you, Shannon, for your thoughtful advice and takeaways. I hope everyone watching enjoys the latest episode of Conversations with Corey.