Playing professional golf, walking the same fairways as legends of the game, and being in Augusta this week for the Masters. I don’t take any of this for granted.

Recently, I spent the day with someone who reminds us all that nothing would be possible without people like him. He’s a champion. Not a golf champion, but a champion of life.

Saul Martinez joined the Army in 2006 to help defend our country’s freedoms. While fighting in Iraq a year later, Saul found himself in a situation faced too often by our soldiers. An explosive struck his vehicle, killing 2 of his friends and leaving him badly injured. Saul lost both of his legs. But he did not lose his spirit.

I met Saul while shooting a commercial for AT&T. It debuts this week during the Masters. You can see it here.

The commercial shows Saul tackling each day with a spirited and positive attitude. He embodies qualities we can all learn from – the true meaning of honor and the power we have when we work together.

We had a lot of fun shooting the commercial, and I got to know Saul pretty well. He even challenged me to a push-up contest. And, of course I accepted. He’s a strong guy, but I tried my best to represent golfers. You can judge for yourself.

Saul inspires me. No challenge we’re going to face on the course this week, or any week, will come close to the challenges he’s faced since that day in 2007. He’s continued to stay motivated, determined and driven. He’s positive. And he gives 110%. I couldn’t like or respect the guy more.  

I hope you tune in this week to cheer us on. I’m excited to be here and compete in one of the greatest traditions in all of sports. Look for our commercial, and take time to thank our veterans and active military for all they do to protect our freedoms.

You can read more about how AT&T supports our troops here.

Check here for all the details on the DIRECTV 4K and multi-feed plans for the Masters. And get live-streaming, player bios, the leaderboard and more here. It’s the next best thing to being there.

See you on the course.

Jordan and Saul’s commercial is one of 5 new AT&T ads debuting this week at the Masters. Click here to view all of the new ads. 

Jordan Spieth - Professional Golfer

Jordan Spieth
Jordan Spieth Professional Golfer