Cynt Marshall - Retired, SVP of Human Resources and Chief Diversity Officer

In my job, I meet some fascinating, inspirational people. Today was a perfect example.

 I participated in an AT&T Town Hall meeting with none other than Rev Run, the hip-hop pioneer. The name on his birth certificate is Joseph Simmons, but during our conversation, it was just Cynt talking with Rev.

And what a conversation it was.

We talked about his family, his faith and his path from music legend to reality show star. The audience and I learned that in spite of all his fame, Rev Run is a down-to-earth guy. One thing that hit home to me was when we talked about what inspired him.

Rev Run has some sound advice about living a happy, healthy life –and that’s something considering the demands of his high-profile existence. Rev Run is grounded. His words of wisdom reach nearly 4.5 million eager followers on Twitter.

My talk with Rev Run got me to thinking about what inspires me.

Even during a busy day, I love getting a shout-out from my husband and my kids. It doesn’t have to be profound. It might just be an update on what they’re doing, an amusing anecdote or a request for advice. I’m not Rev Run, but I have a little wisdom to share.

Here’s the interesting thing. We lead such busy lives…more often than not those communications come via a handy little device we depend on. You know the one…it transmits all kinds of information wirelessly. Yes, the smartphone. It keeps us connected with our loved ones, and though we can’t talk as often as we’d like, there’s always time to read or send a short text message of encouragement, love and yes – inspiration.

That’s what the idea of Inspired Mobility is all about—sharing things that inspire you through this marvelous wireless technology AT&T provides.

My family, friends and faith inspire me. What inspires you?

You can join in the conversation by sharing an inspirational thought, photo, meme or video and using the hashtag #InspiredMobility.

And you can share from wherever you are…Rev Run often does it from his bathtub.

Cynt Marshall
Cynt Marshall Retired, SVP of Human Resources and Chief Diversity Officer