It’s on.

UFC® 200. Vegas. Huge household names, even on the prelim card.

I can’t believe how far Mixed Martial Arts has come. My first professional bout was UFC® 17: REDEMPTION, in Mobile, Alabama. Believe it or not, I was an alternate for a tournament hoping I would get to fight again after winning my first fight.

That was back in the day before HDTV. Fans gathered around to watch on TVs that you’d find at a junkyard today, where you could hardly make out who was fighting. Square, fuzzy picture. They probably recorded it with a VCR.

It’s different today. Millions of fans are watching at home, with friends, at bars, everywhere. I hear that the production is going to be the best ever and they’re anticipating record viewers.

Even more exciting, it’ll be the first time that the UFC will broadcast in 4K – the best picture ever. AT&T DIRECTV is carrying it on their 4K PPV channel (link).

So if you can’t make it to Vegas, be sure to order UFC 200 from DIRECTV so you can see it in 4K.

It’s crazy good detail.

Think of Tito’s or Randy’s up-close view of my glove in the Octagon®.

That clear.

Just less pain.

Chuck Liddell, retired MMA fighter

Chuck Liddell
Chuck Liddell Former MMA Champion