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Serving Business Customers Internationally

AT&T is helping reshape the way companies around the world do business. We’re not just simplifying how they work. We’re bringing brand new technology to the table that changes the way business is done. Learn more about our serving business customers internationally.

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  • Key Facts

    Key Facts

    • A leading provider of IP-based services to multinational companies
    • An industry leader in serving large business customers, including multinational companies on six continents
    • Our global network connects customers in more than 190 countries and territories, which represent 99 percent of the world’s economy
    • We serve more than 3.5 million business customers, including nearly all of the Fortune 1000 companies – in all major industries
    • We’re helping multinational companies manage three rising trends: going mobile, using the cloud and expanding their operations around the world.
    • We give business customers access to a single, globally available network to run all of their critical applications.
    • Increasingly business customers are turning to AT&T to help mobilize their people, processes and assets making them more productive.
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