5G. Millimeter wave. Spectrum. Small cells. Latency.

By now, you’ve probably heard some of these words.  The next generation of wireless technology, 5G, might be coming to your city this year. But you might be asking – how is it different than 4G?  What are millimeter wave signals and how do they fit into 5G?  How fast will it be and what will we even do with that kind of speed?  What are small cells, and will I spot them in my neighborhood?

Technology social media influencer Tech Me Out had some of the same questions. So we invited her to check out some of our 5G R&D work in Austin and Waco, TX, and dive into 5G technology with one of our engineers. And she broke it down for you at home. When it comes to advanced wireless technology like 5G, there are no dumb questions. This technology will be a big part of our lives in the coming years, so check out the above video and take a peek behind our 5G curtain before it gets here.