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Crickets for gut health? Why not!

Ever heard the saying you are what you eat? Longtime AT&T Business small business customer, Brandon Armstrong, says this applies to crickets! Confused? Let us explain.

Armstrong's Cricket Farm, the first commercial cricket grower in the United States based in West Monroe, Louisiana, has been using AT&T Business technology for decades. It began with simply taking customer orders over the phone or via mail. Fast forward to today, he uses AT&T connectivity for all aspects of communication needed to run their business. 

The quality of the cricket is essential. Pet owners want the highest quality food for their pets, and believe it or not, humans are consuming crickets in powdered form for nutritional benefits such as gut health.  

Armstrong’s Cricket Farm relies heavily on AT&T Business Fiber to avoid down time.

This is essential to their business as they want to maintain timely order processing, shipping and delivery to pet stores, fishing retailers and distributors, and directly to the consumer, who all expect the highest quality crickets (especially those adding them to their morning protein shake!).

As AT&T Business technology has evolved, Armstrong’s Cricket Farm has evolved with us.

AT&T Business Fiber provides Armstrong with high-speed internet (up to 1 gigabit per second). It has the bandwidth needed to support business critical communication – everything from video conferencing with customers all over the world, processing orders, shipping, and posting on social media.

“When my great-grandfather started this business it was all word of mouth. In the ‘70s and ‘80s it was all done over the telephone. With the advent of the internet in the ‘90s, it only moved forward from there,” said Armstrong. “We hope to continue serving our customers with the best product we can, and fiber is going to ensure we aren’t behind technologically. It’s going to make sure we can serve any and every customer that comes our way.”

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