AT&T Honors Suppliers Committed to Both Diversity and Sustainability

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Fujitsu Limited and World Wide Technology

are Named AT&T 2018 Suppliers of the Year

For the first time, we are recognizing top suppliers who prioritize both diversity and sustainability in their corporate practices – just as we do.

The exclusive recipients of the revised AT&T* Supplier of the Year Awards are Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Fujitsu Limited and World Wide Technology.  Of our 17,000 suppliers, these three excel in both diversity and sustainability.

“Diversity and sustainability are the factors that have the most potential to shape our world right now,” said Susan Johnson, executive vice president, Global Connections & Supply Chain at AT&T. “More than ever before, we must bring our diverse perspectives together to develop innovative solutions to the challenges we face."

Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers an inclusive and welcoming workplace and earned top national ratings for carbon disclosure and decreased greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Fujitsu Limited boasts a diverse workforce and achieved high scores in eco-designs, stakeholder engagement, resource efficiency and environmental management.

World Wide Technology understands the importance of offering opportunities to other small, minority and diverse businesses. Notable is their performance in supply chain management, environmental management and corporate responsibility.

We continue to give our traditional Excellence Awards to suppliers who excel in either of the diversity or sustainability categories.

Diversity Excellence Awards:

As part of AT&T’s Downtown Dallas Discovery District project, The Beck Group was rated atop other suppliers in both spend with diverse suppliers and use of diverse subcontractors.

J.R. Bowman Construction, a woman-owned business, is currently ranked highest for use of diverse suppliers in their subcontracting spend portfolio with AT&T.

Sustainability Excellence Awards:

Accenture’s high rating in environmental management and ambitious goals in its operations and supply chain align with the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Nokia launched the first commercial liquid-cooled base station with the potential to reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%.

“The AT&T Excellence Awards are one way we’re proving our commitment to building relationships within our supply chain that strengthens our communities and ensures the richness of life on our planet is preserved for future generations,” said Rachel Kutz, vice president, Global Connections & Supply Chain, Strategic Initiatives.

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