For over a century, AT&T has remained dedicated to supporting military personnel, veterans and their families. Of this support, we are most proud of our work to hire veterans and their family members, alongside our support of programs that provide training and skills-building to put veterans on a path to career success. As we celebrate the achievement of reaching our goal to hire 20,000 veterans by 2020 – ahead of schedule – we remain focused on identifying new opportunities for veterans so that they can continue to succeed in a variety of industries.

As our company evolves, so do the opportunities we can offer to veterans.  That’s why we are proud to announce the AT&T Veterans Media Fellowship, alongside Veterans in Media & Entertainment (VME).  Founded in 2012 as a grassroots movement and 501(c)3, VME is a professional association of U.S. military veterans working in, or aspiring to work in, media and entertainment. VME connects veterans to industry jobs, internships, education, and to each other.

Media-making is an ever-growing industry and a core part of our business, and we support programs that elevate diverse voices and perspectives in this space. The AT&T Veterans Media Fellowship will help US military veterans transition into meaningful, impactful careers in the media and entertainment industry.

“As a veteran myself, I am excited that AT&T is finding ways to include more veterans in our commitment to media-making and storytelling,” says Catherine Pack, Assistant Vice President – Video Operations, AT&T Mobility & Entertainment. “Veterans bring exceptional skills and unique experiences from their military service that make them compelling storytellers in the ever-evolving media landscape.”

The AT&T Veterans Media Fellowship is a 13-week intensive program that will provide a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the media industry landscape, critical business functions, and a project-based curriculum designed to provide real life, job-ready skills. The fellowship will include 15-20 veterans in the Los Angeles area with an interest in media and entertainment careers.

“The AT&T Veterans Media Fellowship will give veterans one-of-a-kind training for careers in television and film production, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with AT&T on this initiative.” says Karen Kraft, VME Board Chair and veteran. “The program will offer a custom, hands-on training that includes instruction, networking, career coaching and a video reel-building project that sets veterans up for success in the industry.”

“This is an exciting opportunity aimed at veterans who are looking to find their best career fit but are not aware of all the industry opportunities open to them,” says Y’Dhanna Daniels, VME Program Director and veteran. “It’s also a program for those who have taken steps to begin their media career, but may want to also explore other career options.”

Selected veterans will receive mentorship from AT&T and Warner Media and will participate in weekly sessions that will provide participants with professional skills, expand their understanding of the industry and provide coaching and support. These sessions will be curated by Veterans in Media & Entertainment and offered as a combination of in-person and video sessions. Through the program, fellows will work together to design and create short-form content, while being provided with hands-on skills development.

For more information on the Fellowship, including how to apply, please visit Applications will be accepted until November 26, 2019.