During the COVID-19 pandemic, employees have continued to support their communities from home with AT&T Believes.

Our employees are committed to being there for their communities. In 2019, they volunteered more than 1.4 million hours. Amid the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, their commitment never wavered. More than 900 employees (and their families) have volunteered 3,100 + hours to complete AT&T Believes ship-to-home projects featuring a variety of activities from showing appreciation to healthcare workers to creating blankets for cancer patients to assembling hygiene kits for food banks. 


Elizabeth (in the white shirt) and her colleagues make coloring cards of hope for Phil’s Friends before COVID-19. They have continued supporting Phil’s Friends while working from home.

As the Midwest chapter president of the Filipino American Communications Employees of AT&T (FACES), Elizabeth Kies wanted to provide FACES members with opportunities to volunteer. “I think it’s important for us to continue to find ways to serve our community, especially when people are feeling isolated and alone during these socially distanced times,” said Elizabeth.


Elizabeth’s father Leo, pictured last year with Elizabeth’s colleague Connie Kannapes, a fellow volunteer for Phil’s Friends.

Elizabeth knows the importance of staying connected. Her father, Leo, was diagnosed with lymphoma in October of last year and passed away in April. Throughout his treatment, Leo received care packages and cards from volunteers at Phil’s Friends, a nonprofit organization that creates uplifting gifts for those affected by cancer. “Even before COVID-19, I saw how the care package and monthly cards lifted my dad’s spirits during his battle with cancer,” Elizabeth said. Through AT&T Believes project kits, Elizabeth and her colleagues have continued supporting Phil’s Friends by making cards of hope, bookmarks and blankets for cancer patients“I want to continue paying that kindness forward to others. Having the ability to make a difference by volunteering from home has been wonderful.”

“We are experiencing an unprecedented year due to COVID-19, and like many others, we continue to seek ways to engage supporters of our organization. The work of AT&T volunteers is invaluable to our mission to support individuals facing cancer, through care packages and cards of hope. Cancer patients ALWAYS need hope and you can celebrate a job well done because you ensured our friends with cancer have an ALWAYS!” said Phil Zielke, Founder and CEO Phil’s Friends.

Meanwhile, Kristi Turner, VP of Channel Operations, and her team joined forces to make superhero pillowcases and masks for children in foster care with Together We Rise. “I want to keep our team connected during this time. We’re used to seeing each other at lunch and in the office. The AT&T Believes volunteer project was a great way to keep our team together and engaged,” Kristi said. 


Julia Hall and her adopted son, Ian, decorating pillowcases for other children in foster care

Decorating pillowcases for children in foster care was not only a great way to keep the team engaged, but also very meaningful to Kristi and her team. While decorating the pillowcases together with her team via a video call, Kristi’s colleague, Julia, introduced her adopted son to the team. Kristi also shared that her son was adopted. “Children in foster care are normally handed a trash bag to put their belongings in when relocating to a different home. These pillowcases can double as more fun and personal bags for belongings. I am so very grateful to have the opportunity to help these sweet children feel better about themselves and make the experience a little less painful,” Kristi said.

To learn more about all the ways our employees are supporting their communities, check out #ATTBelieves on social media and visit att.com/believes