AT&T Disaster Recovery: Our Commitment. Our People. Our Technology.

When disaster strikes, keeping customers connected is mission critical for AT&T

Disasters can happen anytime, anywhere. When they do, the need to communicate is at its greatest. AT&T’s National Disaster Recovery team plays a crucial role in keeping our network operational and our customers connected.

AT&T Disaster Recovery: Our Commitment. Our People. Our Technology is a 3-part video series that provides a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the teams and technology critical to our efforts to make sure our customers and communities are cared for when disasters do strike.

Episode 1: Our Commitment

Before hurricanes make landfall. Before tornadoes tear paths of destruction. Before wildfires rage. Our teams of meteorologists, disaster responders and volunteers are trained, prepared and ready to roll – anywhere around the globe.

Episode 1 of AT&T Disaster Recovery: Our Commitment. Our People. Our Technology. highlights the industry-leading commitment our company makes to be proactive in protecting our network infrastructure and preparing our teams to respond at a moment’s notice.

Episode 2: Our People

When disasters strike, our teams are ready to roll. They expect the 3 a.m. phone call. Their “go bag” is already packed. No matter where the emergency – across the country or around the world – they’re always standing by.

From our teams preparing the latest technology, to our drone pilots ready to take flight, to our hundreds of volunteers stationed around the world – episode 2 shows why our teams are personally committed to disaster recovery and always being there for our customers.

Episode 3: Our Technology

On the ground, in the air and over the water – AT&T’s Disaster Recovery team has what it takes to respond to disasters quickly. AT&T equips our disaster responders with cutting edge tools and a commitment to continue to invest in order to keep our customers connected.

In episode 3, get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to respond to any type of disaster, see how our teams are constantly revising their response plan and learn how we’re using data to build a more secure network of the future and become carbon neutral by 2035.


Fire, wind, water: How Our Team Manages Multiple Disasters

"With a hurricane things are beat up, with a flood things are totaled, but with wildfires there's nothing left." Learn about our teams recovery efforts when disasters strike. 


At AT&T our teams are using data, like weather intelligence and climate forecasts to make our network more resilient to damage from events like severe flooding. See how using analytics is helping to keep our customers connected – even during the worst possible conditions.