In the Ring, Behind the Scenes

Spotlight on Giovanna Camacho

Twenty-two talented veterans were chosen to participate in the AT&T Veterans Media Fellowship. The Fellowship helps US military veterans transition into meaningful, impactful careers in the media and entertainment industry. Representing different branches of the armed services – the Air Force, Army, Marines and Navy – this inaugural class brings a wide range of life and service experiences to the program. Below is a spotlight on one of the selected Fellows.

Giovanna Camacho is a West Point graduate and elite level boxer, who served as a Medical Officer before pursuing her dream of entertainment. She believes that AT&T’s Veterans Media Fellowship is an incredible opportunity for her to connect with fellow veterans and to learn from one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world.

Giovanna says she loves stories.  “Growing up, I idolized Batman. He’s a billionaire and could’ve chosen to live a life of leisure, but he chose to serve his community and do so anonymously. I also identified with Batman because he grew up without parents, just like me. He didn’t need any superpowers to make a true difference and, as a former Olympic boxer, I can tell you his fighting skills are on point.

“I am not a billionaire, but I, too, want to give back. The entertainment industry has a huge platform to inspire others, and it’s up to us to use it to make a difference,” she says. 

“During my time as a fellow, I hope to gain a greater understanding of the filmmaking process and the different phases and roles. Films and television programs are truly a team effort. These projects remind me of the military in how everyone has their own role and each person must perform for the project to be a success.”

“My big dream (which may seem small to others) is to grow my career as a producer and content creator. Until then, I am eager to work in any capacity behind the scenes. I understand there will be hard days, but I want to be able to be proud of the work that I do for the company I am involved with. Who knows, maybe as I progress along, I will get my name scribbled in at the end of the credits of a movie somewhere and be able to smile knowing I was there and I helped to tell a story!”