Soul for Success

Spotlight on Teresa Lowe

Twenty-two talented veterans were chosen to participate in the AT&T Veterans Media Fellowship. The Fellowship helps US military veterans transition into meaningful, impactful careers in the media and entertainment industry. Representing different branches of the armed services – the Air Force, Army, Marines and Navy – this inaugural class brings a wide range of life and service experiences to the program. Below is a spotlight on one of the selected Fellows.

Teresa Lowe served in the Air Force as an Environmental Health Supervisor for 9 years. She now works as a set photographer and behind the scenes videographer for Chronicle Travelers. In pursuing the AT&T Veterans Media Fellowship, she is seeking to further her career in feature film, episodic television and other mediums for AT&T (HBO).

Teresa began her career working for Ms. Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, as one of her top event assistants. “She showed me exactly what is expected at the highest level when an A-List executive wants something done. You operate at your very best level of skill to deliver perfection. It's much like working for a top-level general in the military – you just must get it done!” 

“I am excited by the industry's abundant creativity and the team effort it takes to realize someone's dreams and thoughts. I have always been an artist of sorts. As a child, I just needed one look and I could draw a re-creation. I received scholarships to become an artist just before the beginnings of the digital animation revolution,” she says.

“When I watch a movie, a television program or even commercials, I feel excited and compelled to be part of that creative community. Whether it's an indie project or a big-budget feature, folks pour their souls into the work for success. I hope to gain much-needed knowledge about the entire creative process of a TV/Film production and budgetary processes. I’m especially excited to learn about concept conversations and how to pitch to studio executives."

“My first dream is to be a production unit stills photographer with my husband (a Peabody winner) and son (who works in marketing) on a film or episodic television show set. We work well together as a team and would thrive if given the opportunity,” she says.  
“Secondly, because I enjoy being involved from the beginning to the very end of all aspects of the production, I also would be thrilled to become a showrunner. It's a lofty goal, but the energy of helping a writer’s vision is absolutely amazing to me.”