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AT&T 5G Powers Proof-of-Concept Harry Potter Virtual Reality Experience

What’s the news? AT&T has teamed with Warner Bros., Ericsson, Qualcomm, Dreamscape, Nvidia and Wevr on a proof-of-concept immersive location-based Harry Potter VR experience, Chaos at Hogwarts. This proof-of-concept gives a peek into how 5G can enhance future user-generated experiences.

Why is this important? By utilizing the high output and low latency characteristics of 5G paired with edge cloud mixed reality processing, we can change today’s architecture to one more comfortable for fans, more proficient for creators and more productive for venue operators.  As 5G continues to unfold in the world of entertainment, the future of immersive experiences is simply more – more vivid, more lifelike, more dynamic, and more comfortable. 

How does 5G help? LTE does not support the bandwidth needed and Wi-Fi has too much overhead and can be congested. 5G pushes the VR experience to new heights by uniquely offering a solution where current wireless technologies end.

“At AT&T, we’re always looking to push the envelope with innovative technology that helps us create experiences our customers have only imagined or don’t expect at all,” said David Christopher, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Partnerships & 5G Ecosystem Development, AT&T. “Fast network speeds contribute to customers having a great wireless experience when connecting to what they like most and this proof-of-concept shows what can be done when you combine the power of AT&T 5G with timeless entertainment.”

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