1. Communicate your uniqueness!

Too many businesses are trying to be too many things. Instead focus on what makes you unique and incorporate that into your social media strategy. That means communicating how your value proposition to customers is different from competitors, of course, but more importantly it means having a personality!

2. Stop selling!

Just because you can sell doesn't mean you should -- or at least, don’t use social media strictly to sell!

3. Tell a Story With Images

Images are your secret weapon in breaking through the clutter of social media! Images are an incredible way to say a lot, quickly and easily, in a way your followers can easily react to, so use them to your advantage. Multiple images and collages are especially great for saying a lot without any words.

4. Show Us with Video

People don't have to imagine as much with video, so it’s another great way to communicate your uniqueness and tell stories while making content that’s super shareable.

5. Do some A/B testing!

If you aren't getting the results you are looking for, try experimenting with your content in a systematic and scientific way. Study your content and what seems to resonate -  then try different variations of that and see what time and time again gets engagement. Remember to only try and test one “variable” at a time - otherwise you won’t know what’s making the difference.

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