It’s the most wonderful time of the year – we plan trips to visit loved ones and spend evenings toasting with our favorite friends. The FBI says it’s also the time when we’ll see nearly 400,000 burglaries across the U.S.

So before you pack sweaters or pop bottles, let’s make a plan to keep your home safe.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Install an outdoor (left) and indoor (right) camera to help you keep track of what’s going on in and around your home. Helps you watch over all those Cyber Monday orders delivered to your doorstep…

Get Trigger Happy

Tech triggers, of course. Motion sensors (left) and glass break sensors (right) will set off alarms to alert police if anyone tries to drop in while you’re away.

Lock It Up

Lock your doors, close your blinds, and hide all valuables from the line of sight. Don’t tempt outsiders with your fancy TV or flashy accessories.

Fake a Staycation

Leave a lamp on, or get creative! Plug lights, a TV, or a stereo into Digital Life smartplugs that you can turn on and off throughout the day. Throw potential crime off with a little  smoke-and-mirrors effect.

Stay In Control

Ultimately, it’s all about staying in control of what happens in your home – even while you’re away. With AT&T Digital Life, you can set up your own custom dashboard to remotely monitor locks, windows, doors, electricity, even water leaks,  all from your mobile device.

For more tips to safe (and secure) holidays, check out the AT&T Digital Life media kit.

Party on, friends!