In honor of Techies Day, we decided to put together a comprehensive list of why Geeks make the best friends. We talked to the experts – Ruth and Nadia from the AT&T Palo Alto Foundry, and Brian from the AT&T Technology Experience Center in Dallas.

Let’s geek out…

1.       They have job security.

Brian: In today’s world, with the rapid pace and acceleration of technological change, being keyed in to all of the latest devices and advances is the only way to stay relevant in the workforce. Also, you get to dress up as a superhero and play with swords AS AN ADULT. Technically, fencing is an Olympic sport, but don’t tell any of my fellow nerds.

2.       They’re creative.

Brian: When I was an Innovation Coach at the Foundry, I worked on a project that developed a remote patient monitoring solution. Hospitals would give this set of devices to patients to take home to monitor their vitals, allowing proactive healthcare, helping to ensure patient compliance, and hugely increasing the number of patients a doctor could monitor.

3.       They’re passionate.

Ruth: It’s good to be a nerd because a nerd leverages their fascination with the breadth of new ideas in the world, and uses it to propel themselves deeper than others are willing to go. Also, it’s a great excuse for being really, really into anything!

4.       They help people.

Nadia: The best thing I've invented is an iPhone app that my wife uses to track her seizures, chart and share the data with her doctors. 

5.       They will set up your new phone – and your email, TV, speaker system, laptop….

Brian: Other than the fixing-of-computers thing (which I don’t do anymore, in case you’re having problems), I’m the go-to-guy for everybody’s tech questions, whether it’s about their TVs, mobile devices, appliances, you name it! Having the ability to understand the thought processes and logic behind every day gadgets makes it a lot easier for me to quickly get up to speed on whatever gizmo anybody brings along.

6.       They have the best jokes.


“Hello, I need a new computer, the one I have isn’t working”

“Oh, what’s wrong with it?”

“Well it only worked for about 15 minutes, and then black-screened, and I haven’t been able to get it to work since!”

“Wait, is this a laptop?”


“Have you plugged it in?”

“Plugged it in!? It’s WIRELESS!”

7.       They’re changing the future.

Ruth: Working at the AT&T Foundry you realize there are so many technologies, initiatives, and solutions out there that are just cool. In my job I have the chance to explore projects that help AT&T, and conduct that exploration alongside other people who share that excitement. 

Nadia: I have the best job. I work in the heart of Silicon Valley on products that help AT&T stay competitive in the marketplace. 

Brian: To me, the most interesting part about my job is getting the opportunity to interact with the major players in the tech industry. I’m from South Africa, where all the technology we used was created somewhere else, so being in the United States, the beating heart of the world’s technology, and being at AT&T where I can affect the course of technological change for the entire planet is just incredible.