Beginning Oct. 4, customers with an AT&T Moto X will be able to download a new software update that includes several cool enhancements.

New Moto X upgrade includes:

Camera enhancements:

  • Enhanced camera auto-white balance performance and color accuracy.
    • Improved exposure when taking photos outside or backlit, and improved clarity in low light.
    • Faster touch-to-focus time and reduced unnecessary refocusing in low light or scenes with continuous motion.
    • Faster response and improved accuracy when using Touchless Control and easier set up and training of the “Ok Google Now” trigger.
  • Enhanced transfer of content from old phone to new phone using Motorola Migrate.
  • Fine-tuned feature that allows you to find phone when it is lost that sometimes prevented a lost phone from reporting its location.

To learn more, check out our Consumer Blog post here.

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