AT&T announces the  deployment of not one, but two “Super” cell sites – a “Super” COLT (Cell on Light Truck), and a “Super” COW (Cell on Wheels) in downtown San Diego to help manage the expected increase in demand for wireless service during the comic book convention.

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The two “Super” sites are being deployed to boost capacity and enhance the customer experience for thousands of comic book and pop culture fans gathering at the sold-out event. Innovative multi-beam antenna technology gives the cell sites their “Super” status – adding another “Super” hero to the convention. Saving one AT&T wireless customer at a time.

View photos of AT&T at Comic Con.

The cell sites are part of AT&T’s ongoing innovative network solutions designed to help people stay connected – and share memorable moments with their mobile devices. In the past six years, mobile data traffic on AT&T’s wireless network has increased more than 30,000 percent. Finding new ways to meet data demand for large crowds at big events doesn’t take super powers – but it does take a determined team of network engineers and innovative network solutions, to equal a true dynamic duo in action.

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