Golf fans were out in full force at the AT&T National Pro-Am tournament in Pebble Beach, and they had their mobile devices in hand.  The gorgeous ocean views, world-class golf and perfect weather provided plenty of shareable moments.  The mobile data usage proves it.

The AT&T network in the event area handled 2,296 gigabytes (GB) of mobile traffic over the four days of the tournament.  That’s 87% more than last year. We installed two COWs (cell-site on wheels) to reinforce our nearby cell sites.  

We saw 990 GB of mobile traffic cross our Wi-Fi network at the tournament, 159% more than last year.

In addition, mobile traffic through the COWs and the Wi-Fi network combined totaled 3,286 GB. That is an increase of 104% over the year before. 3,286 GB is equal to more than 9,300,000 social media posts with photos.

Our peak traffic day was February 14, when we handled 829 GB of mobile traffic.  That alone amounts to more than 2,300,000 social media posts with photos.