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For the second year in a row, AT&T’s M2M Application Platform (M2MAP) has been the underlying enabler of a number of finalists — and was a primary tool used by category grand winners at the AT&T Hackathon & Developer Summit. This underscores the fact that M2MAP makes it easy for rapid development of high-functioning application use cases. Developers at the Hackathon had an array of API tools available; however, those who choose to develop using M2MAP often found themselves finalists or winners in their categories. Why is that? What gave these particular developers a better chance at winning?

M2M rules engine shortens development time.

M2MAP gave developers more power, offering APIs as well as a powerful M2M data rules engine that allows for easy “If-x-Then-y” logical scripting to enhance the application use case being developed.

Winner SafeNecklace keeps track of students on field trips.

Of the 112 teams who competed in the AT&T Hackathon, SafeNecklace was the grand prize winner in this year’s new Wearables category. In 24 hours, the team was able to create a fully-functional application that processed micro geo-location data to solve a real-world problem: losing track of children on field trips.

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