Sometimes it’s the smallest problems that cause the biggest headaches.

When you’re communicating with colleagues, you need information quickly. Tools like instant messaging, presence indicators and calendar information make collaborating with colleagues a quick and seamless experience.

While enterprise-level software enables seamless communication for organizations internally, it can be a challenge to collaborate with different organizations due to software differences – particularly when cross-functional teams can span distance, companies and IT platforms.

Scientists in AT&T Labs have created a solution. It’s called Federation, and it allows for seamless interactions with contacts at other companies. Our trial system “federates” (or unifies) calendars, instant messaging and online presence information across different unified communications software and IT systems to enable businesses to communicate and collaborate more effectively. This technology operates in the network, acting as a secure, policy-based collaboration tool, making it as simple as possible to connect with ecosystem partners outside your own.

Read more about the idea for Federation in the complete Innovation Space blog.

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