The newly remixed version of "Write It In the Sky" comes to life in a visually stunning music video that is released today! Sponsored by AT&T, The Mobile Mix started as a collaboration between DJ Ken Loi and singer-songwriter Kina Grannis, and now Wong Fu Productions enters the mix with the creation of this music video.

The “Write It In the Sky” music video is a futuristic love story between childhood friends set on a distant planet. Featuring a cast including Arden Cho (MTV’s Teen Wolf) and Ryan Potter (Big Hero 6), this music video for “Write It In the Sky” paints the picture of a beautiful love story that embodies the collaboration between two unlikely artists.

“It’s really an honor to be part of such a new, unique song collaboration,” says Arden. “I couldn’t believe how perfectly the two different musical styles complemented each other. I really hope we hear more work like this in the future.” Head over to to experience the sound for yourself and see the exclusive music video premiere of “Write It In the Sky”!