By Aaron Fotheringham, WCMX Athlete and Public Speaker

Like so many others living with a disability, I refuse to let it determine the quality of my life. That’s why I encourage everyone to invest as much as possible into what they’re passionate about. That’s what I did. I discovered my love for Wheelchair Motocross (WCMX).

I was born with Spina Bifida. Actually, it was born with me.  Despite the limited use of my legs, I’ve never let my condition stop me from living an exciting life. Spina Bifida didn’t stop me from learning to crawl on my hands and belly as a baby. And it doesn’t stop me from being a premiere WCMX champion now.

My love affair with WCMX started when I was 8 years old when my dad took me and my older brother, Brian, to a local skate park. At first, I watched behind the fence as they enjoyed the park. But like all older brothers, Brian eventually talked me into trying a trick of my own. So there I was, 8 years old, attempting a drop in a quarter pipe. Like every little brother trying a cool new trick for the first time, I fell. But I didn’t stay down. I got back up. I tried again. I was already in love with the sport.

Since then I’ve gone on to win the 2005 Vegas AmJam BMX finals along with other BMX freestyle competitions. I’ve also perfected a ton of awesome tricks: carving, grinding, hand planting and more. I even accomplished a mid-air 180-degree turn and landed the first-ever wheelchair back flip. I’ve toured the world as an act in the action sports entertainment group Nitro Circus.

As I’ve grown in the sport, more people have discovered my story thanks in large part to technology. I’m able to make and edit films of myself doing all kinds of cool tricks using my phone. I can even drop in music before I share the videos with my social networks, all from the push of a button. The recognition I’ve garnered has let me spread my message of determination and fortitude across the globe as I speak and perform through the year.

But I’m not a WCWX champion for the glory. And I don’t speak to crowds for the fame. I do it because I’m passionate about my sport and want to show the world that people of all abilities can accomplish their dreams. That’s why I’m so excited to be part of AT&T Beyond Limits. This campaign is all about showing the world that anyone can live beyond limits.

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