The new, revamped AT&T Communities launched in July without a hitch. And we couldn’t be more excited to watch them grow. But we think it’s important to take a break to thank the people that helped the most.

Our steadfast ACEs. They’re the extraordinary group of regular folks dedicated to keeping the Forums an accessible space for anyone looking for open and honest dialogue related to AT&T. These passionate and knowledgeable users have been bestowed the annual “Award for Community Excellence.” The best part? They’re actual customers who have volunteered their free time to contribute to something they believe in.

This not-so-secret coalition roams the depths of the Forums, answering questions and keeping the entire group on the straight and narrow. In fact, their answers have been viewed more than 600k times this year so far. Coming from a variety of backgrounds and offering differing expertise, we like to say they keep the Forums’ light burning.

Introducing the Newest ACEs for 2014-2015

The ACE's dedication is astounding. They average five years service within the community and contribute to the most valuable piece of the Forums: quality solutions cultivated from real, shared experiences.

We’re honored to announce the newest group of AT&T Community Forums ACEs. See the full list here:

Congrats to the new ACEs. This is a truly prestigious award. Don’t forget to share with your friends!

Discovery Made Easier

The Forums continue to be a place where customers and fans can gather online and source each other for quality answers related to AT&T products and services. We’ve made both navigation and discovery easier than ever before.

Whether it’s trouble with your U-verse receiver or a question about our latest wireless plans, the answer is a search away.

Ready to Join?

The last ingredient missing from the AT&T Community Forums is you. Take a peek at the new Forums, create a login, and start a conversation. Your voice will join a group of others who truly care and want to hear from you.

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