Let’s set the record straight. With the growing popularity of the smartphones – nearly every friend, neighbor, coworker and family member is pulling out their device to document “the moment” at social gatherings. We all love our photo filters and social media – but there’s nothing worse than being dubbed the “phony photographer” and clogging up social news feeds with redundant content. 

As a follow up to our first episode of the #TechPeeve series, and in light of National Cell Phone Courtesy Month, the video above shows you the wrong and right way to channel your inner photographer with a smartphone.

During your next photo shoot, remember these tips to avoid this #TechPeeve:  

  • Master the #selfie. Next time you’re out, try to avoid taking the single shot of you with every person at the dinner table. Instead, try the group selfie by positioning yourself in the middle or far end of the group to take the shot. For additional tips on taking selfies like a professional, check out our related newsroom story.  
  • Don’t be ashamed to use a filter. Recently, filters have gained a negative connotation - but truth is they can really help bring a dull photo to life. Instead of retaking a group shot over and over, save time by adding a filter. With a simple touch of the screen, you can achieve just the right the lighting and mood you were hoping to achieve.
  • Think outside the box. When you’re getting ready to take a picture, consider the background and setting. What makes this moment unique? Sometimes the best photos are those candid moments – like blowing out birthday candles, sitting around a campfire, doing a cannonball off the diving board, etc.   
  • Share your best work. Just get back from your BFF’s wedding weekend? Don’t post the 15 shots you took of the couple walking down the aisle. Do pick your favorites and share them on your social channels. You’re sure to get more “likes” – plus it will make you look like the photo expert.

Check back next week for another #TechPeeve etiquette lesson!