By the end of next year, AT&T’s 4G LTE network is expected to cover 300 million people.  Right now, it is live in 239 markets, which means those customers are part of the nation’s largest 4G network.

Over 90 percent of AT&T’s mobile data traffic now runs over enhanced backhaul that supports both HSPA+ and 4G LTE data traffic.  HSPA stands for "High Speed Packet Access." HSPA+ provides extended and improved network speeds. When HSPA+ is combined with enhanced backhaul, AT&T's already fast mobile broadband network delivers even faster 4G speeds.

In May, The AT&T* 4G LTE network was ranked fastest for a second straight year by PCWorld/TechHive. The tests in 20 U.S. markets show AT&T wireless customers are benefiting from blazing-fast wireless Internet speeds.  AT&T led the speed tests with an average download speed of 13.15 mbps and an average upload speed of 6.45 mbps.

“With consumer demand for wireless data continuing to grow rapidly, it's more important than ever that U.S. wireless carriers not only keep pace with demand, but deliver network speeds fast enough to enable new mobile web experiences,” said Jason Snell, Editorial Director, PCWorld/TechHive.

“Our customers are doing more with their smartphones,” said Kris Rinne, AT&T senior vice president-network technologies. “We’re giving them the ability to do it faster when they read email, send photos, check the news and much more. We’ve built the nation’s fastest 4G LTE network to help them get the most out of the mobile Internet. Third-party testing validates the work we’ve done to give our customers the speed they want.”**

Over the past five years, AT&T invested nearly $98 billion into operations, more than any other public company in the U.S.

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