AT&T today announced an agreement with Audiovox to provide network connectivity to an Audiovox telematics and location-based service system designed to help consumers monitor, manage and maintain vehicle health and safety. According to Audiovox, the addressable market for this system is 165 million.

Read the full Audiovox press release.

The system is a plug-in On-Board Diagnostic (OBDII) device that will work on all post 1996 model year vehicles.  The system allows cell phone restriction while driving, vehicle tracking and even has a ‘lot spot’ feature for those times when you lose your car in a mall parking lot.  Maintenance alerts and reminders are sent directly to you and you can monitor fuel consumption to adjust driving habits to conserve fuel and save money. 

The system is also the gateway to additional security and convenience features such as vehicle lock/unlock for remote access and remote start all managed through a smartphone app.  For these upgrade features, a consumer would be required to purchase additional security and/or remote modules and have them professionally installed.

The OBDII device will use an embedded HSPA wireless modem to send telematics and location data that can be accessed through a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

“Audiovox is on the leading edge of a wave of connected products that deliver advanced services to cars that would not otherwise be connected.” said Chris Penrose, senior vice president, Emerging Devices, AT&T Mobility. “Combining the power of the AT&T network with Audiovox’s telematics solution unlocks amazing sets of capabilities for our customers.”

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