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When it comes to emergency response, time is of the essence.  Twenty percent of the time a gun is illegally fired in U.S. urban areas someone calls 911, but the other 80 percent of the time no one calls.*  San Francisco Bay Area-based SST, Inc. is a leader in gunshot detection.



SST built the ShotSpotter gun fire detection and location technology designed to alert law enforcement in real time when and where a shooting occurred, the number of rounds fired, and the number of shooters involved in an incident.



Giving a responding officer the correct information is essential to their safety and effectiveness.

As the sound of a gunshot radiates, it hits a number of SST’s acoustic sensors at slightly different times, and data then travels from each sensor to their data center. 


Data from each incident is reviewed at SST’s Real Time Incident Review Center, 24x7, and then the time and precise location of the gunshot is communicated to law enforcement officials who are armed with needed information and can respond more effectively, efficiently, and safely.

All of this takes less than one minute.

The connection between each ShotSpotter sensor and SST’s Real Time Incident Review Center is a connection over our M2M network. 

For more information on ShotSpotter, check out our Annual Report.

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