These days more businesses leaders are taking a proactive approach to making sure their company’s information is safe.
That is the finding from the yearly AT&T Business Continuity Study.
Specifically the study found that more than half of executives say that the threat of a security breach in their company is the biggest concern for this year.  84 percent say using mobile networks and devices concerns them when it comes to how it will impact their business if a security breach were to happen.  Nearly all of the executives surveyed say they understand why there is so much importance on security measures and say their companies have proactive plans in place.
The study also found that with the increase in IT budgets, companies are increasingly utilizing the cloud for their business continuity plans to help minimize the impact of potential threats and disasters.  It also found that as companies look beyond the potential impact of natural disasters to the impact of network security events, they continue to expand their disaster plans accordingly.
“Companies today are very aware and concerned about the potential threats that could disrupt their operations,” said Michael Singer, AVP, Mobile, Cloud and Access Management Security at AT&T. “With their business continuity plans in place, businesses are investing in new technologies like network enabled cloud services to help strengthen and expand their overall continuity strategies.”
AT&T also conducts several Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) exercises each year in both regional and international markets. These events are designed to test, refine and strengthen AT&T’s business continuity and disaster recovery services.  By simulating large-scale disasters and network service disruptions, AT&T can apply and refine best practices for rapidly restoring communications.
Study Methodology
The 2013 AT&T Business Continuity Study was conducted by Research Now and is based on the results of a national sample of 500 online surveys among Information Technology (IT) executives in companies with over $25 million in annual revenue. Surveys were obtained between April 30 and May 5, 2013.
All participating executive have primary responsibility for business continuity planning, with fifty-nine percent (59%) representing companies with locations outside.
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