By: Joshua Hampshire, CEO, LEAGUE AT&T

We at AT&T are proud to have witnessed significant leaps and bounds that have brought about social progress and equality for today’s LGBT community. In fact, we’ve been a part of this movement since its beginnings. As LGBT equality achieves significant benchmarks of progression through the years, we feel it’s important to recognize the benchmarks that those within the community have made on a personal level.

This is why we’re excited to celebrate LGBT History Month throughout the month of October with our Making Your Mark campaign!

The LGBT movement wouldn’t be as strong without individuals openly sharing who they really are. Through mobile technology and social sharing, Making Your Mark acknowledges the importance of recognizing and celebrating the locations that have empowered LGBT individuals to live freely and happily – thus elevating the community as a whole.

Fans are invited to check-in to their unique “Making Your Mark” locations via their social media channels – including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ – with the hashtag #MakingYourMark.

From October 1 through October 31, you can take part in this inspiring campaign in the following ways:

  • Check-in at your personal LGBT milestone location using the hashtag #MakingYourMark, and share via your social media channels - including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Include a unique description in your check-in that expresses why this represents your personal LGBT milestone location.
  • Share the official campaign webpage with followers on social media.

Whether it be the location where you first came out, met the person you love today, or first interacted with the LGBT community, your personal LGBT milestone locations have helped shape the person you are today. So what better way to celebrate than by sharing them with the world?!

We encourage our followers to have a voice and celebrate the personal locations and moments in their lives that have defined them as a member or supporter of the LGBT community.

So make YOUR mark today and share with the world the location where you first started down your path as a member or ally of the LGBT community!