We’ve teamed up with Tribeca to celebrate innovation in the arts at the 15th Tribeca Film Festival. We’re the presenting sponsor at the annual event April 13-24, in New York. This year’s Festival continues to push the boundaries of storytelling with new mediums and technology. AT&T and Tribeca are bringing film fans and creators together to share their stories. Can’t attend? Don’t worry. Special screenings, access and opportunities for fans outside the city abound.

  • Film for All Friday: Fans in New York get free tickets to screenings on Friday, April 22. To get yours, visit select AT&T Manhattan retail locations [AMcL1] April 4-6. Tickets available while supplies last.
  • Film for All Favorite: Film lovers across the U.S. can vote to give one past Tribeca Festival favorite a new life on DIRECTV. We’re going to bring back one film to air–free–for a limited time on DIRECTV. Voting starts April 13.  We’ll also host a special, one-night screening of the winning film for fans in New York on Saturday, June 4. Start voting April 13 at FilmForAllNYC.com. Come back April 24 to see which film won. The film will be free on DIRECTV from April 25 -June 11. You can buy additional Tribeca films on DIRECTV.
  • EQUALS Premiere: DIRECTV CINEMA will host the exclusive premiere at this year’s Festival. The sci-fi romance stars Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult. Drake Doremus directs the utopian drama. The film opens in theaters nationwide on July 15, 2016. It will be available a month before, on May 26, to customers on DIRECTV CINEMA.
  • Tribeca Experiential presented by AT&T: This series of exhibits focuses on new technologies and storytelling mediums. AT&T is sponsoring 2 areas. Storyscapes is a collection of 10 original stories across media genres. Virtual Arcade highlights leading creators and emerging voices in the virtual reality medium.

Stories are vital to innovation and the arts. We’re looking forward to connecting film fans across the country… and to another great year at Tribeca.

For details on tickets to the Tribeca Film Festival and additional viewing options, visit FilmForAllNYC.com.