AT&T will be adding dispatch features to AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk (Enhanced PTT) that enable workforce management functionality as part of its push-to-talk solution.

The new workforce management functionality allows businesses to:

  • Map the location of company-issued Enhanced PTT devices on desktop software in near-real time
  • Monitor push-to-talk activity and record conversations of employees using company-issued Enhanced PTT devices

These features can help dispatch supervisors better manage their entire team online. Check out the other new AT&T Enhanced PTT features available for Android devices:

  • Users can read missed call alerts, personal notifications, and return Enhanced PTT calls, all without unlocking the screen.
  • Users have the option of setting a “home” talk group to hear only the calls on that group by default.
  • Support for Enhanced PTT on non-cellular and Wi-Fi only devices in addition to existing smart phones.

Learn how businesses and organizations are improving productivity with AT&T Enhanced PTT in the complete news release.

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