Tonight we are hosting an Accessibility App Hackathon at the Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley. Put on by the AT&T Developer Program, the Hackathon is an event designed to bring together seasoned developers, students, and aspiring entrepreneurs to create a prototype of viable apps that help with accessibility issues and could be launched into the market within a 24-hour timeframe.

The goal of the Hackathon is to create prototypes of apps that make technology like smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices more accessible –especially to consumers with special needs or disabilities. Four prizes will be awarded:

  • Best Accessibility App
  • Best Embedded Systems/Wearables App
  • Best App from a Student Team
  • Best Use of an AT&T API

Hackathon participants will have access to AT&T APIs and developer resources and expertise to help bring their ideas to life. Additionally, teams will have the opportunity to hear from and work with leaders in the accessibility/technology community as they prepare their app prototype for the Saturday night demonstration. More information on the event is available at: