By: Calen Carr

Since retiring from Major League Soccer (MLS), I travel to all MLS cities exploring people’s passions for our game and the unique cultures specific to our clubs and communities. It’s what I love most about my job as host of The Movement presented by AT&T

The game has always been a part of my life, including 8 MLS seasons in Chicago and Houston. Looking back, scoring the opening goal of the 2012 MLS Cup was the highlight of my career. Let’s not discuss how it ended.

We may have lost, but the feeling of working each day hoping for a shot at the championship game in the top league of our sport is a goal every MLS player in each locker room across the league envisions at the beginning of every year. And whether you’ve played or not, as fans you share in the same dream of your club playing for it all.  And winning it.

For MLS players and fans alike, it all comes down to Decision Day. After months of intense play and the highs and lows that come with following the team you love, one day decides the playoff fate for all. Every team in the league plays on the same day, at the same time, vying for final playoff positions that ultimately determine who will battle for the MLS Cup. I was fortunate enough to be on teams that somehow found a way within the intense pressure of that moment, and twice it ended with a shot at MLS Cup.  

As part of AT&T’s renewed sponsorship agreement with MLS, on Oct. 22, you can experience Decision Day wherever you are with exclusive looks at the moments that will go on to define your club’s fate.

This incredible access and insight is an opportunity unique to our league, where fans of the global game can connect to the MLS players and clubs they care about most. This happens in so many places all at once, all day, with big moments and games changing in an instant in cities across North America. Wherever that might be, no problem, AT&T’s got you covered.

As a kid, I could never have dreamed this game would afford me with the opportunity to make it all the way to MLS. After retiring, I could’ve never dreamed I’d be able to collaborate with MLS and AT&T to grow and enhance the game in innovative ways that celebrate our unique culture. Whether it’s through shows like The Movement or events like Decision Day, AT&T is bringing you closer to the most popular sport in the world right here on home soil. That’s why AT&T just renewed its relationship with MLS, U.S. Soccer and the Mexican Soccer Federation. And yes, it’s a multi-year agreement.

I’ve seen and experienced firsthand the growing passion for soccer in the U.S., Canada and across North America. Soccer fans are diverse, young and are used to being ahead of the curve, making it a perfect fit with AT&T, a company on the cutting-edge of ways to bring you exactly what’s important in the exact moment you need it. That’s exactly why AT&T is the first-ever sponsor of Decision Day.

More details will come on AT&T’s Decision Day plans and other ways AT&T is enhancing your soccer experience. In the meantime though, make sure to catch me on The Movement presented by AT&T throughout the season and tell me what makes the soccer culture in your city so unique.

I know I’ll be following each step of the way to see how my former teammates and clubs take their decisive moments in the lead up to MLS Cup, and I couldn’t be more proud to work with sponsors like AT&T as they continue to find innovative ways to capture the energy and excitement of it all.

Click here to read the announcement from Soccer United Marketing (SUM), Major League Soccer’s commercial arm.

Calen Carr - Former Major League Soccer player and current host of's The Movement presented by AT&T