When the Cowboys take the field this weekend for their first pre-season home game of 2014, fans will notice something different about AT&T Stadium. As they take their seats, one of the first things they’ll see is a brand-new, 130-foot LED display along the east platform. AT&T and the Cowboys worked with Obscura Digital to design this display, which dazzles and dances in choreographed fashion.

It’s the AT&T fan experience board, and there’s nothing else like it. It will – among other things – help make touchdown celebrations more exciting, entertain during breaks and build even more suspense for pivotal plays.

We’ve added even more capacity to the cellular network inside the stadium since last season. In total, we will have increased cellular network capacity by more than 50 percent at AT&T Stadium from last summer to the 2014 regular season opener. Thanks to that network strength, the AT&T fan experience board is the first stadium LED display built to respond directly to fans. We’re introducing an experience that truly mobilizes fans.

Fans will be able to interact with the display simply by downloading the all-new AT&T Stadium app to their iOS or Android devices.  Starting with the Sept. 7 regular season home opener, fans with the app will be called on at key moments to participate in an experience dubbed “Unite This House.” When prompted by the display and a push notification from the app, fans will be asked to opt in. When they do, their profile photos may rapidly appear on the louvered display and other video boards inside AT&T Stadium and their devices will light up with a strobe they can flash in unison with other fans. This will create a spectacular visual of light and movement as the noise level in the stadium builds and the players get pumped up, too.

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