For the second year AT&T, earned the top spot in the telecommunications industry in the JUST 100 rankings from JUST Capital and Forbes.

This year, we also landed the No. 12 overall spot in the U.S.

The JUST 100 rankings compare how just the nation’s largest publicly traded companies are based on several factors. They include:

  • Workers compensation and well-being
  • Customer treatment
  • Product impact
  • Environmental footprint
  • Generating jobs

Forbes and JUST Capital, a nonprofit research organization that tracks business behaviors Americans most care about, compiled the rankings.

Our work to bring wireless to rural locations through fixed wireless internet was one factor that helped us earn the top spot overall in the products category.

As of this year’s third quarter, rural service was available to more than 160,000 customer locations across 18 states. And it’s part of our FCC Connect America Fund commitment to serve more than 1.1 million locations by 2020.

We also ranked first in our industry in the workers category, highlighting our commitment to employees’ personal and career development.

In 2016, we invested more than $250 million in employee training and career development across the globe. Last year, we also spent more than $34 million in tuition assistance for employees at all levels.

Our eco-rating system earned us points in the environmental category. The AT&T Eco-Rating System 2.0 gives you environmental and social details about how the devices we sell are made so you can make informed purchasing decisions.

Since 2010, we’ve implemented more than 65,000 energy efficiency programs, including a commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 10 times by 2025, collecting mobile devices for reuse and recycling and more.  Learn more about our environmental initiatives at

To see the full JUST 100 rankings and learn more about the methodology, go to