Today AT&T launched open APIs for the Android platform that will help developers create more unique apps for U-verse® TV.

The APIs allow developers to use AT&T technology in their apps and work with experts at AT&T Labs and the AT&T Foundry®.  AT&T’s open network helps innovators inside and outside the company to quickly offer new ways for customers to interact with their devices and U-verse service. AT&T first launched its U-verse Enabled program and APIs for other mobile platforms in late 2011. The program has created more than 15 U-verse Enabled apps since then, allowing customers to use the apps on their smartphones and tablets to further engage with their TV. There are currently more than 5 million sessions of U-verse Enabled apps each month.

“When U-verse customers use our interactive apps, they’re more engaged and more satisfied with their experience,” said GW Shaw, Vice President of Video and U-verse Services, AT&T Home Solutions. “We look forward to working with more developers to bring fun and innovative apps to U-verse.”

U-verse Customers Can Play Their Best Hand, Right from their Couch

Developer Splitmo used AT&T’s open APIs and the U-verse Enabled platform to create Poker Night TV, a new app available today. Up to eight players can join for a virtual poker game on their U-verse TV and supporting smartphone or tablet. All the customer needs to add is a lounge singer and an all-you-can-eat buffet and they’re practically in Vegas.

Splitmo has created a digital-age version of Texas Hold’em Poker, which is the first multi-player gaming app available on U-verse. Your TV displays the common cards, pot and player positions. Individual players’ cards are kept hidden on their mobile devices. Players can place bets and look at their cards on their own device while the rest of the group keeps up with the action on the TV. Poker Night TV is free for all U-verse TV and Internet customers.

“Our focus is to integrate your TV and mobile apps in innovative ways, and AT&T’s open APIs allowed us to bring Poker Night TV to more than 5 million U-verse TV customers in a quick and easy way,” said Splitmo founder Rob Witman. “We’re proud to make our game app available on the AT&T platform.”

Customers can play the game by connecting their smartphone or tablet to their U-verse TV receiver over Wi-Fi. Simply download Poker Night TV from the app store to your mobile device. Then connect your device to any U-verse receiver in the home through channel 9301. U-verse TV customers already have access to several other U-verse Enabled TV apps at no extra charge.

Read more about Poker Night TV app for U-verse® in the complete news release.

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