Impacting a community can take many forms. It can mean mentoring a student online in science and math, cleaning up a city which has recently been impacted by a natural disaster, or helping to meet the needs of people in our own backyard. Over time, these moments of giving can add up to millions of service hours.

We would like to congratulate our 4,031 President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) winners for their outstanding service to their communities. They are receiving this prestigious honor given by the President of the United States in recognition of sustained volunteer service. To earn the national honor, these employees volunteered more than 100 hours during 2013. Some volunteered more than 500 hours to receive the Gold Award.  

Take a look at the employees who received this award and hear some of their stories by reading this blog by Charlene Lake or viewing the images below. Click to view the USA Today ad or  jump to the end of the page to view the list of PVSA Winners Online.

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