Last week AT&T was honored for its ongoing support of the success and development of small businesses.  SCORE, a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals, recognized AT&T as the winner of the Outstanding Corporate Supporter Award at the 2013 SCORE Awards gala Aug. 15.

AT&T has been serving the communications needs of small businesses for decades. Today, more than ever, the company is focused on helping its more than 3 million small business customers survive and thrive by unlocking  untapped potential with innovative technologies.

A key part of AT&T’s support of small businesses has been working hand in hand with SCORE over the past 4 years. During that time, the company became a Founding Corporate Partner of the e-Business Now Broadband Consortium, which helps small businesses grow and prosper using contemporary technologies to compete more effectively.

AT&T has collaborated with SCORE in presenting educational panels and training sessions at the Small Business Administration’s National Small Business Week and its Women’s Training Event. In addition, the company has been a proud sponsor of the annual SCORE Outstanding Minority-owned Small Business Award for years, including this year, and recently began lending support to SCORE’s new Technology Mentorship Program.

Given today’s challenging economy, using emerging technologies is more critical than ever for small businesses.  Such technologies enable businesses to operate virtually anywhere extend tight resources and take productivity to new heights.

Bottom line: Successful small businesses are essential to a strong U.S. economy and, through its innovative solutions and collaboration with organizations such as SCORE, AT&T is enabling small businesses to continue to be a leading growth engine for the country.

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