For employees of AT&T, giving back is about more than serving their communities. It’s about creating opportunities and empowering future generations. For its Hispanic/Latino employee resource group, HACEMOS, which now includes more than 8,400 members across the nation, it’s also about mentoring youth and inspiring them to be upwardly mobile. In fact, in 2012, HACEMOS members donated more than 23,000 hours of their time and raised $138,000 in scholarship funds. The group also awarded $261,500 in scholarships that same year.

To date, HACEMOS has invested over $2.5 million.     

That commitment to the Hispanic community has not gone unnoticed. AT&T has received numerous accolades in recent years from premier Hispanic organizations that have congratulated the communications leader for its investments. Most recently, this year, both LATINA Style, Inc. and the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) recognized AT&T for its work through HACEMOS, as well as the company’s ongoing inclusion efforts.

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“HACEMOS members are not only some of the most engaged employees in the company, they also have a significant impact on our reputation in the community, our STEM-attraction efforts and our work to develop employees,” said Debbie Storey, SVP – talent development & chief diversity officer. ”They’re great partners that all leaders appreciate, and they’ve clearly earned the many accolades they receive.”

This is the fourth year in a row HACR has rated AT&T among the nation’s top Fortune 100 companies for Hispanic inclusion. HACR measures inclusion efforts by U.S. corporations against its Corporate Inclusion Index, which is based on four key areas: employment, procurement, philanthropy and governance.

AT&T achieved an overall rating of 95 percent on the index.

LATINA Style, Inc., for its part, selected HACEMOS as the Employee Resource Group of the Year for 2014. The premier company addressing the needs of the Latina professional and business owner in the U.S., and publisher of LATINA Style Magazine, the leading national publication  selected HACEMOS based on the group's corporate leadership, mentorship and outreach efforts in the Hispanic community.

Among those efforts is the group’s annual National High Technology Day, which is held across almost 30 cities to engage teens in hands-on technical activities and interactive workshops that seek to inspire students to consider a career in technology. Last year, more than 1,500 students were a part of HACEMOS National High Technology Day.

Since 2010, LATINA Style, Inc has recognized and honored the top 5 Hispanic Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in the country. According to LATINA Style, ERGs provide growth for their members, assist in business goals, and are key resources to a company’s bottom line.