Binge, stream, spoil. Are we still talking about TV? AT&T recently conducted a survey to learn more about the latest TV watching trends. Here’s what we found:

Keep it real (time).

One in 4 respondents (27%) avoid social media or the internet in case there are spoilers from live TV.  33% of respondents also said they watch 2 to 4 shows each week in real time.

Binging becomes universal.

46% of respondents said the longest they’ve ever watched TV was 2 to 4 consecutive hours.

Sunday is Funday.

27% of respondents said Sunday is their favorite day to watch TV, followed by Saturday (22%) and Monday (11%).

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Source: AT&T and Added Value survey of 3,695 mobile users, ages 16-75, Oct. 3 – Oct. 30, 2016