We can’t predict when and where disasters will strike, but we can prepare for them. This week, AT&T’s Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) organization will conduct its third European technology exercise in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Amsterdam’s motto – Valiant, Steadfast, Compassionate – reflects our team’s unwavering mission during these exercises.

Our testing of our disaster recovery capabilities help local/regional first responders and enterprise customers understand NDR’s role in restoring infrastructure and communications for an impacted area.

“We chose Amsterdam for this exercise to help local and regional first responders understand AT&T Network Disaster Recovery’s role in restoring communications for an area impacted by a disaster,” said Mark Francis, vice president, Network Operations.  “Our Network Disaster Recovery exercises are a global effort – they are conducted in the United States and around the world to maintain the readiness of the team and its equipment.”

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More than 70 deployments later and a total of 125,000 aggregate work hours – I can say our network operations teams work to ensure that customers and businesses around the world stay connected. From hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, to wildfires, we’re there when it matters most.

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