By: Vince Torres


Our mission is simple. We offer our customers easy access to premium entertainment on our AT&T Unlimited Plus and AT&T Unlimited Choice plans.*

AT&T Unlimited Plus customers have been really excited about having HBO included with their wireless plan since we made it available in April.

The popularity of HBO speaks for itself. Game of Thrones® averages 31 million viewers per episode. Big Little Lies®, Westworld, Curb Your Enthusiasm®, The Sopranos® – the list goes on and on. For the last 17 years, HBO has had more Emmy Awards than any other network. It offers an extensive library with everything from addictive series and blockbuster movies, to sports and family favorites.


That’s why we’re thrilled to announce HBO® will be included for current and new AT&T Unlimited Choice customers starting Friday, Sept. 15.


HBO is included in these plans whether you have 1 line or even 10 lines, and the price stays the same. This means an AT&T Unlimited Choice customer can get unlimited data, talk, text and HBO included for $60 a month or on 4 lines for less than $40 per line.1

As we previously announced, all AT&T Unlimited Plus and AT&T Unlimited Choice customers will continue to get a $25 monthly video credit on applicable AT&T video services. AT&T Unlimited Plus customers can use this credit towards DIRECTV, DIRECTV NOW or U-verse TV. AT&T Unlimited Choice customers can apply this to their DIRECTV NOW service.2

We offer a phenomenal experience of entertainment and unlimited wireless. Customers can watch, download, game and stay connected on our network with premium entertainment and over 99% reliability.3

Ways to watch HBO:

AT&T Unlimited Choice and AT&T Unlimited Plus customers can look forward to HBO included in their wireless plan:

  • If you currently subscribe to HBO through an AT&T video service – DIRECTV, DIRECTV NOW or U-verse TV – HBO will now be included for no added charge.
  • If you subscribe to an AT&T video service but not HBO, you’ll automatically receive unlimited access to HBO as part of your wireless plan.
  • If you don’t subscribe to an AT&T video service, you can access your HBO entertainment through the DIRECTV NOW and HBO GO apps.

We know entertainment. And we know wireless. We’re bringing them both to you on a deal that can’t be missed.


1 AT&T Unlimited Choice customers get unlimited data with a max speed of 3Mbps and SD video streaming (about 480p) on our LTE network. Prices after $5 single line or $10 multi-line autobill pay and paperless billing discount.

2 Requires qualifying wireless plan & eligible video service. Credit starts w/in 3 bills. Must remain active & in good standing on both services. Service prices subj. to change. Charges, add'l usage, speed, exclusions & other restr's apply.  See for details.

3 Based on 3rd party data. 



Vince Torres, Senior Vice President, AT&T Entertainment Group