Stingray Digital, a leading supplier of music services for multi-channel television service providers worldwide, and AT&T U-verse, announced the launch of the Karaoke TV App. The Karaoke TV App is a new interactive TV app that delivers the fun of singing more than 8,000 karaoke songs to AT&T U-verse TV and High Speed Internet customers.

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“We’re always looking for ways to make the U-verse experience more interactive,” said GW Shaw, Vice President, U-verse & Video Products, AT&T Home Solutions. “The Karaoke TV App is a perfect fit for our extensive list of interactive apps that help customers engage and have more fun with their U-verse TV experience.”

Just by tuning to your U-verse channel 96, you can experience the surround sound fun of the Karaoke TV App. The app includes an intuitive menu navigation which makes songs easy to find. A full screen mode provides the ultimate karaoke experience, and customers have the option of singing solo or along with a vocal track. Thematic playlists, like Party Songs, Guy Songs, Girl Songs, Easy and Fun Songs, Love Songs and other lists are included to help customers start singing quickly.

The perfect excuse for a karaoke-themed party, don’t you think?

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